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How do I invite my friends? +

Tap on ‘app share’ icon , available on top bar. A picker will open up and you can choose a way to invite your friends. The message shared with your friends, will have indiansq link of Google Play Store to download the app on their devices.

How do I create a group? +

Tap on the menu button, choose ‘New group’.

What is a broadcast? +

Broadcast allows you to send the same message to many peoples of your contacts at once. Unlike in a group, the recipients won't know about each other and will receive the broadcast as message received in one-to-one chat. Once a broadcast list has been created, it can be re-used to message the same set of contacts again. To create a broadcast list tap the menu button and choose ‘New Broadcast List option’.

Is it secure communicating via indians q? +

All your chat messages are sent and received in encrypted form, so that no one other than you can read your personal chat.

Which devices are supported? +

At present, only Android devices are supported however we are targeting to release app for iOS soon.

How do I know, who in my contacts has indiansq? +

Refer to Contacts Screen in app. It shows list of contacts who are indiansq registered users.

Can I make calls or video calls via indiansq? +

We may introduce these features in the next version of indiansq.